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Clip Studio SHARE lets you easily share your comics, manga, and artbooks for easy viewing on X or blogs. Once you finish uploading your story, you’ll receive a URL that you can use to embed your story on other sites. Clip Studio SHARE is not a social network site for art. Even if you don’t have Clip Studio Paint, you can access this service by browser after creating a free account.
Publish your story You can now share single images as “Panels!”

Sharing on X made easy

Copy and paste your work’s Share URL to deliver entire comics to your fans in a single post!

Share your stories in an easy-to-read format!

Share multi-page works such as comics, illustrations and photo albums. The viewer allows horizontal and vertical reading, so choose the best way to showcase your work.

Bind your stories digitally with the 3D viewer!

Multi-page works can be switched to a 3D view. Complete with paper textures on each page, see your work as a mockup of a book.

fas fa-check Even if you don’t have Clip Studio Paint, you can access this service by browser after creating a free account fas fa-check Choose the reading direction that works for your story, whether left-to-right, right-to-left, or vertical fas fa-check Post your stories and artwork from your mobile device fas fa-check Add a secret phrase to your story to share it with a limited group of people fas fa-check Choose whether or not to accept comments on your story fas fa-check Story descriptions and comments are automatically translated into other languages to facilitate global communication Easily publish your story from your computer or mobile Upload
the image data!
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Publish your story Frequently Asked Questions Q What is the size limit for uploading story data? A Please refer to the following information.
Data size: Up to 32MB per image
Number of images: Up to 200
Q What are the accepted file formats? A You can upload your work as jpeg or png files, or as a multi-page project made with Clip Studio Paint EX. Q Can I edit my story after publishing it? A You can edit your story from the “My Stories” page. Q Can I limit who can see my story? A You can set a secret phrase when publishing your story. Only people who enter the secret phrase will be able to view your story. Q I forgot to add a secret phrase to my story. Do I need to upload the story again to add a secret phrase? A No, you don’t need to upload the story again.
You can add or edit a secret phrase by editing the “Visibility” in the story information in “My Stories”.
Q Where can I check the URL and secret phrase? A You can check the URL by going to the story information in “My Stories” on Clip Studio SHARE. You can add or edit the secret phrase by going to the “Edit” page and changing the “Visibility” settings. Q I found a story that is in violation of the posting guidelines. A Please report any story or comment that violated guidelines by clicking “・・・” then “Report to administrator”. Q Can I change the images after publishing my story? A You cannot change the pages of an existing story. We plan to add a feature where you can delete the old story and guide viewers to an updated story instead. Q How can I use the feature that sends TIFF print images to press? A Open Clip Studio using the specified button. Click here for details.
Submit your print-ready data
When managing your comics with Clip Studio Paint EX, you can submit your print-ready data (high resolution data for printing) through Clip Studio Share. There are two ways to create documents in this format. Choose one that suits your needs. 1. Send a document after flattening the text layers into an image layer. Submitting from Clip Studio 2. Export the file without text layers, and send the file along with a text document containing the text. Submitting from Clip Studio (Separate text)
* Please use these buttons when submitting print-ready data from Clip Studio Share. The other buttons will not allow you to attach data.
Note: Please use with Clip Studio Paint EX Ver. 1.10.5 and later.
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