CLIP STUDIO SHARE Terms of Service


Thank you for using the CLIP STUDIO SHARE service by CELSYS, Inc. Users of CLIP STUDIO SHARE are subject to the CELSYS Terms of Service ( and the CLIP STUDIO SHARE Terms of Service (“SHARE TOS”).

By using CLIP STUDIO SHARE, users acknowledge that they agree to the CELSYS Terms of Service and SHARE TOS. These terms also apply if users are only viewing stories rather than posting them.

  • CLIP STUDIO SHARE is a service for hosting primarily comics, manga, and other multipage works (“stories”) in e-reader format online. This makes it easier for users to share their stories on social media. When sharing your stories, please ensure that you abide by these Terms of Service as well as other relevant policies and terms of service.
  • Users can edit and delete stories they have shared.
  • When posting stories or comments, please follow the Posting and Behavioral Guidelines (
Prohibited Actions
  • The contracted rights, obligations and services outlined in the SHARE TOS may not be transferred, passed on, or provided as collateral, etc., in whole or in part, to any third party.
Guarantees and Disclaimers
  • CLIP STUDIO SHARE is provided by Celsys as a place for users to publish and view stories, and to comment on stories. Celsys does not act as a representative of any user in any form, nor accept the authority to do so.
  • If Celsys receives a report concerning issues with a published story, it will take action as prescribed in the Guidelines About Posting and Behavior.
  • Celsys is not obligated to provide a reason for actions it deems necessary for operation of CLIP STUDIO SHARE.
Original Version: November 29,2018
Last modified:March 26,2020